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About Acacia

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To provide innovative solutions to businesses' insurance concerns using ingenious reinsurance, captive management, and other related services that are perfectly fitting to the needs of our customers. 

In a very competitive market with lots of options to help businesses, quality had been lacking just to catch up with demand. What Acacia Insurance Solutions brings is a targeted solution to the specific need of our customers. Using the wide experience of our personnel matched up with the technology to be used in expanding our network and solution-making, we can offer our customers tailored assistance in helping them grow their businesses.

In addition, with our affiliation with Asia Affinity Holdings companies, we do not only focus on providing reinsurance advice and solutions to clients within the Asia Pacific region but we also build on the Group’s specialties in Captive management, micro and SME communities, as well as mutual and cooperative operations. As we develop our symbiotic relationship with Asia Affinity, we will be able to support and engage in the Group’s initiatives by utilizing its expertise and network in the international reinsurance market.


We aim to be a highly regarded re/insurance brokerage company that pioneers creative methods and measures in making businesses secure, stable, and successful.

We at Acacia do not settle for what is already existing when finding solutions for our customers. We look out for trends and opportunities that we know can help us improve how we serve. 

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Susanna Lam
Chief Executive

Susanna Lam is an experienced financial services executive well known in the international insurance and reinsurance community. Susanna has held various senior positions throughout the insurance value chain and worked for direct insurers, reinsurers, a reinsurance broker, and an international credit rating agency. In these roles, she has worked in China and Australia as well as in her native Hong Kong. 

Susanna Lam Chief Executive
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Graham Clark

Graham Clark Acacia Insurance Director

Graham started his career as a marine broker at Lloyd’s in London and he has spent much of the past 40 years building and managing insurance businesses throughout Asia.

As the Chairman & CEO of Asia Affinity, Graham will be with Acacia in sharing his expertise in the reinsurance and alternative insurance sales businesses with the needs in Hong Kong.

Where to Find Us

Suite 123, 12/F, Somptueux Central,

52 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong

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